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Use the Leftover Pumpkin for These Delightful Recipes!

Halloween is only a days away, and you may already be getting a few knocks on your door accompanied by 'Trick or Treat!’ If your front step or window ledge is adorned with a pumpkin or two - or you're ready to carve one - you might wonder what you can actually do with the pumpkin that's scrapped out and leftover. Bit of a waste, don't you think? We wholeheartedly agree, especially when you delve into the depths of the many recipes that can be made with pumpkin. We've had a search around and found only the best one's just for you...enjoy!

Featured Product of the Week - Modern Walnut Three Drawer Filing Cabinet

Paperwork, paperwork everything...know the feeling? We do! That's why we went in search of beautiful and functional filing cabinets for your home office, and one of our favourites is our Modern Walnut Three Drawer Filing Cabinet. With three large drawers designed to hold standing A4 foolscap files, all of your important documents can be looked after and organised properly. You'll never lose paperwork again!

Featured Product of the Week - Solid Oak Storage Chest / DVD/CD Cabinet

Our Solid Oak Storage Chest / DVD/CD Cabinet is a true beauty and will suit any decor style in the home. With nine durable drawers, each drawer can hold 9 DVDs, or 24 CDs; perfect for a growing music or film collection. Incredibly stylish, it is made from premium grade oak with solid oak veneers and tough dovetailed drawer joints; what a treat!

5 Weekend Activities for Autumn

Autumn is officially here; cold days, dark nights, the gentle rustle of leaves underfoot as you walk to work. It's a truly magical season. When the weekend rolls around, don't stay indoors because the weathers a little chillier though; grab your hats and scarves, a warm woolly jumper and head into your days away from the office with some of these fabulous weekend activities.

Featured Product of the Week - Country Cottage Oak Square Dining Table

Perfect for couple diners and singletons alike, our gorgeous Country Cottage Oak Square Dining Table is just delightful. Many dining tables are big and take up a lot of space, which can be troublesome if it really isn't needed. This table prevents that; it fits in to any room perfectly, and with your favourite chairs beside it, every meal will be a joy.