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5 Ways to Bring Pastels to Your Home

Looking to bring some fresh and beautiful colours to your home? Jump on board with the pastel colour trend which is sweeping the interior world by storm! Pastel colours are not only incredibly pretty, they lend a relaxed feel to living spaces and bring a nice, relaxed and modern look for whatever room they're introduced within. Whether giving a room a makeover or adding a few touches here and there, check out these great ideas for introducing pastel colours to your home:

Featured Product of the Week - French Modern Oak Display Cabinet

We love pieces that are not only massively versatile and useful, but oh so stylish - and our French Modern Oak Display Cabinet ticks all of those boxes! Made from gorgeous Modern Oak, it is an absolutely perfect cabinet to store all of your treasures and trinkets. What we love about it is that you can store anything inside it, and it'll still look beautiful - your most treasured ornaments, favourite china, the children's artwork, or your mug collection. The list is endless!

Product of the Week - New England Ivory Six-Drawer Wellington

Did someone say beautiful storage?! That's exactly what you get with our stunning New England Ivory Six-Drawer Wellington; not only a very roomy six drawers, but a wonderfully unique set that will stand out in any room. Made from solid painted pine, it's creamy colour will go alongside any decor colour or theme, making it massively versatile.

Product of the Week - Round Weave Wicker Two Seater Storage Bench

With summer in full swing, we're all enjoying a bit of relaxation in the garden. Do you feel like you're missing a little something though, perhaps a rather snug bench on which to enjoy a novel or the Sunday paper? Enter in our Round Weave Wicker Two Seater Storage Bench; not only is it a rather lovely seat where you will spend many a sunny afternoon, it doubles as garden storage; genius!

5 Amazing Summer Cupcake Recipes

The summer is officially here, which means lovely weather, good company and a few garden parties. What better way to delight your guests than with some delightful cupcakes! We've dug around for some of the best summer inspired cupcakes for you to enjoy. We highly recommend keeping one aside for yourself after baking; they won't be around for long.