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Rustic White Painted Bedside Cabinet

If you're looking for a side table that offers not only stunning appeal but lots of functionality, our Rustic White Painted Bedside Cabinet could be the one for you. As our picture if it below shows, it doesn't just need to be for beside the bed; it can be used as an everyday side table for when you're reading the paper and relaxing in your favourite chair; perfect!

Bring The Sunshine Indoors With These Summer Décor Ideas

The sun is shining and here at Hampshire Furniture, we're loving every second! The sun doesn't just have to be outside though; you can bring little touches of summer inspiration to your home with your decor. Check out some of our favourite ideas below.

Wallpaper Your Wardrobe - Wouldn't it be nice to be greeted with a bright and colourful wardrobe every time you opened the door? Why not wallpaper the inside of your wardrobe? Easy and cheap to do, it'll add a touch of magic to an otherwise plain space.

Introducing the Valencia Rustic Oak Collection

What makes a house a home? We think it’s the people and furry critters you share it with, the smell of cooking, the mess and the noise, that comfy spot on the sofa and the memories you make. A home is so much more than just the stuff within it, but the stuff is a good place to start.

Featured Product of the Week - Country Cottage Oak Double Bedframe

After a long and tiring day, we adore the feeling of getting into a lovely freshly made bed, and it's even better if it's a gorgeous bed too. You're going to love our Country Cottage Oak Double Bedframe. Made with stunning oak, you'll want to go to bed even earlier just to crawl into this beauty!

5 Ways to Bring Pastels to Your Home

Looking to bring some fresh and beautiful colours to your home? Jump on board with the pastel colour trend which is sweeping the interior world by storm! Pastel colours are not only incredibly pretty, they lend a relaxed feel to living spaces and bring a nice, relaxed and modern look for whatever room they're introduced within. Whether giving a room a makeover or adding a few touches here and there, check out these great ideas for introducing pastel colours to your home: