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The New Retro

If you love art deco treasures, go mad for mid-century or just enjoy the flair (and flares) of the 1970s you’ll really like this interiors trend. It takes all the best bits of vintage design and makes it work for modern life. Because let’s face it, vintage may be fashionable but it’s not always practical. 

5 Ways to Make Your Home Look Spacious and Tidy

Are you living in a small space? Your place looks untidy and looking to make it look more spacious! With our 5 simple design tricks, your place will look bigger in no time.

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Snug Corners

Last Chance to Buy : Funky Retro Oak Collection

Hampshire Furniture's – last chance to get your hands on these wonderfully designed Retro Oak style collections at great prices.

5 Ways To Effectively Remove Fungus From Your Bathroom

Fungus in your bathroom is a health hazard as a small spot grows to a large area and needs taking care off. With these steps, you can remove fungus effectively from your bathroom, leaving it spotless clean

How to Keep Your Wardrobe Organised

Our wardrobes always seem to get unorganised most of the time and many have asked how they could keep their wardrobes organised without spending a fortune. Here you can find some simple solutions to keep it neat and tidy.

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