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Featured Product of the Week - Funky Retro Oak Hidden Home Office Desk

Funky Retro Oak Hidden Home Office DeskIf you like the idea of a home office in your home, but don't think you have the space or correct furniture to create such a space, we have the perfect item for you. Our Funky Retro Oak Hidden Home Office Desk is the ideal solution for limited spaced. When the front of it is closed, it simply looks like a cabinet and effortlessly blends in with your other furniture. When it opens however, a fantastically designed home office awaits. Computer equipment is hidden on the inside, including printers, cables and other necessities. The stand comes with individual slots for each item, meaning everything can fit in to its designated place. How clever!

If you own a desktop computer, this Home Office is absolutely perfect for you. It features a pull-out keyboard space, meaning you can hide your keyboard away until needed. The left side features a space to fit a computer tower, and there is a space for paper above that can be removed. Two shelves just off centre will fit in things such as a modem or similarly sized objects, and a removable shelf on the right can hold a printer or scanner. Two drawers have been designed to hold things such as stationery; how handy!
Perhaps the sensible place to have your home office is in the dining room, but you don't want your equipment interfering with dining and eating time, or the room to seem too cluttered when guests come over. This is why this desk is so ideal; when you have finished your work, simply close the unit and it will just look like a cabinet. Your guests will never know, unless you wish to show them how genius it is!
If you use your computer as an entertainment centre as well as work time, why not use some of the storage to store DVDs? Everything will then be at hand when you need it! For a completely flexible space and a productive office environment, the Funky Retro Oak Hidden Home Office Desk is the desk for you.