About Us

About Us

Hampshire Furniture is a Award Wining Online Furniture Retailer since 2010, based in the beautiful Hampshire countryside in Southern England. As an online retailer, we pride ourselves in offering you amazing customer service so you can have the finest ranges that we can find of fantastic quality oak, walnut, and mahogany (just to mention a few) beautiful furniture which you would want to have in your home, garden or office. The best quality for the best prices and that is just our furniture. The secure Hampshire Furniture web shop offers a convenient, hassle-free online shopping experience, with free delivery to most of mainland England, Wales and Scotland and we are just a phone call away.

We have closed our small gift shop in Medstead and you can find most now on Clearance, on the "Medstead Shop" page.  The showroom is also now closed, so we are selling off at clearance prices our "Ex-Showroom furniture",  

Here are some really good reasons to buy your furniture from us:

1.  Friendly, personal service. Hampshire Furniture is a small company with a small, friendly team. That means that if you have any queries, or in the rare event of a problem with an order, you'll be dealing directly with a named contact who actually wants you to be happy and to resolve the issue, rather than a faceless customer service 'operative' who is simply doing a job and has little or no interest in whether or not you are happy with the service.

2. Quality furniture constructed using traditional carpentry techniques – Solid wood frames, dovetail joints on drawers, tongue and groove panels - it's the attention to detail that makes the difference. Quite simply, we don't sell anything that won’t look absolutely fabulous in your home. No ‘wood effect finishes’ - unless it state it, as solid wood or quality wood veneers looks immeasurably better than cheaper alternatives, and should last a lifetime (and beyond!) if cared for properly.

3. We offer FREE delivery to most of the UK.  Delivery addresses in certain postcodes, Northern Ireland, and island locations are unfortunately too cost-prohibitive for us to be able to include in this offer for smaller orders, but if you are in any other part of the UK (which will be most of you), you’re sorted!

4. You’ll know exactly when your furniture is going to arrive – no more waiting around all day because you don’t know when the driver is going to get there! All deliveries are booked in 2 to 3 days prior to delivery, and the driver should always call 1 hour before arrival. And if you provide us with a mobile number, you will also receive text updates by phone.

5. We really want you to be happy with your furniture purchase from us, so your order is backed by a simple, no-quibble, no-fuss guarantee. If you are not delighted with your furniture when it arrives we’ll take it back and refund your money. We do ask you to carefully repack your furniture for collection, ideally, in the packaging it arrived in, but otherwise, no strings and no quibbling.  Please note we have the right to deduct a delivery/collection charge, but this will be at "cost".  If you wish to know how much it could be in advance please just drop us an email.

6. Our furniture is great value, and we don’t use pricing gimmicks or marketing trickery to try and entice you to buy. For instance, we don’t inflate our prices so we can then hold massive crazy discount sales later on. (Ever thought about how those furniture and homeware companies who hold 50% or even 70% off sales actually set their prices???). We think it’s important, to be honest, and fair with you in setting our prices, so you’ll get an excellent piece of furniture at a great price, whenever you choose to buy. This is also why were rarely can give large discounts or coupons codes.

7. We endeavour to follow green business practices whenever feasible. For example, most of our furniture is manufactured from timber obtained from sustainable sources via FSC-certified plantations across Europe. The Industrial Chic and Retro Industrial collections go one step further and are actually made from recycled timber.

8.  Honest pricing policy. We think our customers are rather too intelligent and sophisticated to fall for the perpetual 'sales' that many other furniture retailers are prone to publicising. We offer great prices ALL the time, without the tricks. If you do happen to be shopping around, you'll see that our prices match or better those of our more shouty colleagues with the big red 'sale' signs and prices in red letters (and if not, drop us a line and we'll do our best!).

9. Security and convenience. We don't sell your information on to anyone, we don't store your card details, and we keep your private data secure. Card payments are handled securely, and you also have the option to pay with your Paypal account if you prefer. And all with the dreamy convenience of online shopping with a friendly service - lovely!

10. Always low prices.  We would offer price matching, but we always try to keep our prices low.  On the rare occasion, we are asked to price match, we have not been able to do it as we have discovered that the product we have been asked to price match normally has an out of date price, or the retailer is selling at a loss.  We don't want to sell our furniture at a loss as this means we would go out of business very quickly.

11.  What you will NOT get from us are any dreaded flat packs with assembly instructions that appear to have been poorly translated from Chinese or Swedish!  Most of our furniture is delivered ready assembled, but some items which would be likely to be damaged unless partially disassembled for delivery. We do this to make them easier and safer to transport and to avoid any damage during transit. We’re sure you understand!  Please check with us to find out how much assembly is required, if it does not say in our description.  The assembly instructions will normally come in the form of pictures, or for a small extra charge, we can arrange for the delivery to be done by a specialist delivery company who can also assemble and place your furniture in the room of choice. Just ask.

12.  Do you have any other websites?  No, we no longer have other websites. 

In short, we know you have a choice of where to buy your fabulous new furniture, and we're really hoping you pick us. If you have any queries, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please get in touch by email or telephone to see just how friendly and helpful we are!

The legal bits.....

Hampshire Furniture Ltd, Company no. 08589633