For sitting, storing, and even hanging. The perfect option for keeping your bags, umbrellas, blanket, shoes or boots neat and tidy.

Artisan Country Wood Stool Set of 3 £130.00

Artisan French Style Stool Set Of 3 Stools £140.00

Artisan Golden Iron Bar Stool £189.00

Artisan Iron Base Nesting Stool Set £149.00

Artisan Multi Tweed Bar Stool £120.00

Artisan Nesting Tables Wooden Top Golden Base Set of 2 £220.00

Artisan Nesting Tables with Gold Base Set of 2 £229.00

Artisan Petite Tweed Bedroom Bench £205.00

Artisan Solid Wood Bench with Hand Turned Feet £239.00

Artisan Solid Wood Stool or Table Set of 3 £149.00

Bayou White Monks Bench £599.00

Bayou White Storage Bench £359.00