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Home Style Blog

Product of the week - Woodstock Dark Glazed Coffee Table

You can really make or break your living room both functionally and visually with the perfect coffee table.  

2017 Colour Trends to Suit Your Personality

2017 has finally arrived have you made your New Year’s Resolution? If not, maybe you should breathe some new colour trends into your home to suit your personality. This is what interior designers will be doing in 2017 with the following amazing new colours.

Product of the Week: The Retro Wooden TV Cabinet with 4 Drawers

Have you seen our new Retro Wooden Collection? No then, our product of the week the Retro Wooden TV Cabinet with 4 Drawers will grab your attention.

How To Decide On A Colour Scheme for Your Home

(Collection in image: Rustic Country Oak Collection)

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is not hard.

Save Time with This Basic Quick Meal Starter

Whether you work at an office or at home, there is not enough time in your day to get everything done. Why not make up some batches of this amazing recipe in your spare time. The recipe is great for those busy days and you can quickly prepare your other main course in no time with this basic recipe prepared before the time.

Magical Decorating Tips to Liven Up Your Home

Image Above: Bayou White Collection

There is no secret rulebook when it comes to home decorating. You too can be creative by only following your intuition. Follow these magical decorating tips to liven up your home – and create your own quirky style.

Introducing the Bria Bedroom and Lounge Collections

For the ultra cool generation, our introduction to the Bria Bedroom and Lounge Collection is sure to please you. The Bria collections made up of three super matt fronts with contemporary geometric designs.

How To Create the Perfect Hallway

Image Above: Classic Oak Collection

The one place that easily gets messy is the hallway and the first room to greet your guests. You can make your hallway welcoming and warm with some practical and stylish furniture and a touch of your personality.

Product of the Week the Zerba Large Dining Table

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than marble in your home! This you can see with our product of the week the Zerba Large Dining Table found in our latest Zerba Collection.

Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments

This year you can make your Christmas tree look great with edible ornaments. By following this easy, to make the recipe you can have delicious gingerbread cookies hanging on the tree for all to enjoy.

Introducing the Adel Bedroom and Lounge Collection

We proudly introduce you to the Adel Bedroom and Lounge Collection, designed and made right here in Britain. For comfort and style, this collection will bring more than just warmth, it will bring you joy. Each piece is co-ordinated with wood grain fronts and matching exteriors. They will add some class and compliment your home decor.

How To Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Making your own Christmas crackers is much better than buying them. Follow these easy steps and make your table look great this year.

Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree the Focal Point This Year

During the festive season, the main focal point in the home is the Christmas tree. However, with environmental concerns chopping down trees just for the season is not good for you or the planet. So why not take out the artificial tree and make it the focal point this year with some of our helpful tips.