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Home Style Blog

Bring the Autumn to your Home this Season

Autumn is definitely in full swing; the warm weather has disappeared, and the leaves are starting to turn beautiful shades of rusty red and burnt oranges. What a wonderful time of year! Here at Hampshire Furniture, we love the colours of the autumn season. We’ve gathered up a few lovely ideas for adding a little special touch of autumn to your home, from fall garlands to fairy lights in old beer bottles, have fun creating these seasonal delights:

Product of the week: Children's Oak Bed

If your little ones are ready for a new bed, our delightful Children's Oak Bed could be just what you're looking for.

A perfect receipe for your Summer Garden Party

Fizzy Ice Cream Punch is a showy punch with a colourful floating fruit and icecream ideal for that summer garden party!

Tip: Scoop out the Ice-Cream onto a baking tray, on some grease proof paper or clingfilm and freeze, this way it will stay frozen in the punch for longer.

Preparation time:  10 min

Product of the Week: The Ashland Extending Large Dining Table

Hampshire Furniture’s product of the week, the Ashland Extending Large Dining Tables  is made for small to large families. The table has two-toned colours.

The Best Tips to Cover Walls

You want to create a completely new space, but you are tired of all the paint. Why not cover the walls with wallpaper, but before you head out and buy wall covering read some of these helpful tips to cover the walls the correct way.

Important things to remember

Introducing the Nine Schools Oriental Painted Furniture Collection

With inspiration from the teachings of Feng Shui, our new Nine Schools Oriental Painted Furniture Collection is decorated using Chinese design and patterns to help in inspire lives. 

Creating a 'Home Office' that you will love

If you work from home, you need to create a working space that not only offers practicality and professionalism, but somewhere you want to work. If you’ve only recently moved from the office interior of a 9 to 5 job to your home, it is very easy to sit on the couch with the laptop on your knee. Or have paperwork all over the kitchen table. However, creating your own dedicated working space offers so many benefits.

Get Your Home Ready for Summer Entertaining!

We've been waiting around for months for the summer, and it's finally here! Time to get the kitchen and garden ready for entertaining; they both need a little pre-summer maintenance to ensure they're ready for the ensue of guests and to also make sure it can survive through the hotter months. Get out your favourite summer outfit, put on some music and prepare to get the home ready for the good times.

Introducing the Retro Oak Collection

Remember the 1950s the era of Retro with rock music and for some strange furniture. Here at Hamsphire Furniture, we are bringing back the Retro period right into your home with our new Retro Oak Collection.

Press Promotion - Hampshire Life June 2017

Hampshire Furniture was promoted in the June 2017 issue of Hampshire Life Magazine on page 125


Create Some Mirror Magic in Your Home

Create some mirror magic in your home as mirrors help to widen and heighten space. They help to intensify lighting and give off a gleam to compliment the interior of your home. The other great thing when using mirrors it helps to mask all defects found on a wall.

Home Style Tips Shabby chic with a modern twist

We love the pretty vibes of so-called shabby chic style – but how do you keep the look on the right side of ‘chic’?

Product of the Week: The Shabby Chic Stand

Add some sophistication to the family room with our Product of the Week the Mia Casa Shabby Chic TV stands out for all the right reasons.

Introducing the Ashland Collection

Fitting out your home with the perfect piece of furniture is now so much easier. Hampshire Furniture are proud to introduce the latest addition to our Two Toned Painted Collection, the Ashland Collection.

Start Your Decorating the Correct Way

Why not start the year with a fresh canvas by giving your home a makeover. There are many reasons as to why you would want to decorate your home. Perhaps your lifestyle has changed because of a promotion at work, your children have finally left the nest, or maybe you are tired of looking at your same surroundings every day.

Product of the Week: The Valencia Rustic Oak Triple Wardrobe

Do you have more clothes than the shops and short on closet space? Hampshire Furniture’s Product of the Week: the Valencia Rustic Oak Triple wardrobe is ideal.