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Product of the Week: Elegant Oak Breakfast Table and Stools

You can make the look and feel of Tuscan “Cucina” for real in your home with our product of the week, the Elegant Oak Breakfast Table and Stools. This solid oak furniture piece will become the heart of the home when standing in the kitchen.

5 Colours To Wear This Summer

Spring is here and summer is sure to make its presence felt soon. What colours are high on the list to wear this summer? Here are 5 colours to wear this summer transporting you to a sunnier and happier place.

For empathy – Rose Quart

Product of the Week: Essential Oak Double Bathroom Cabinet

The bathroom always seems to lack some storage space, don’t you agree? We have the right solution for any type of bathroom with our product of the week, the Essential Oak Double Bathroom Cabinet.

Introducing the Modern Chunky Oak Collection

For a great look and sunshine in the home, we offer you our Modern Chunky Oak Collection. The collection is designed by some clever furniture artisans made from solid oak and available at a great price.

Product of the Week: French Modern Oak Large Chest of Drawers

For some great pleasures in life, the French always seem to stand out! They have given us great wine, good cheese and romantic spring times. Not only do they provide some great cuisine they have some superb style credential as well. This you can see in our product of the week the French Modern Oak Large Chest of Drawers.

5 Things to Do When the Sun Is Out

Put away those warm water bottles the sun is out to play and so are you. Here are 5 things to do when the sun is out.

Slap on some sunscreen 

Product of the Week: Industrial Chic Desk/Dressing Table

Everyone needs versatility in their home when choosing furniture pieces! Our product of the week, the Industrial Chic Desk/Dressing Table is just that. This furniture piece can be your dressing table or your desk, the choice is yours.

5 Ways to Create a Perfect Hallway

When decorating, one of the rooms that gets easily missed in many people’s homes is the hallway. Not seen so much as a 'room', it is the last place people spend time on, and yet it is the first room that greets visitors when they come over. Not only should it be warm and welcoming, but practical too, and a little style shouldn't go amiss! Try some of these wonderful ways to add a bit of extra sparkle to your home...

Interesting Historic Facts about Hampshire


Hampshire is a diverse county that is bustling with cities such as Portsmouth and Southampton with a mix of stunning countryside’s and ancient buildings. However, there are some historic facts about Hampshire you may not have known. 

Journey with us as we tell you something, old and maybe something new about Hampshire:

Places To Go Camping in Hampshire

Hampshire has some great national parks in the North Wessex Downs, the New Forest, and the South Downs. There are some gorgeous places to go camping in Hampshire and no matter where you go you are a stone’s throw from interesting wildlife and landscapes. If you are planning a camping holiday browse through these splendid campsites below. 

Introducing The Essential Comfort Sofa Collection

No home is complete without the correct seating arrangement, especially our family and living room. Hampshire Furniture has just the right seating arrangement for you found in our Essential Comfort Sofa Collection.

Essentials to Pack For Travelling

Whether you are travelling around in the UK or even abroad, there are travelling essentials to pack, here are some helpful tips to get you packing.

Essentials to Pack for a Picnic

Let us have a picnic! However, does a picnic need to be complicated when it comes to packing the basket, No. We are here to help you with the essentials to pack for a picnic.

With a little strategic planning, you can be sure that you leave nothing at home.