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2017 Colour Trends to Suit Your Personality

2017 has finally arrived have you made your New Year’s Resolution? If not, maybe you should breathe some new colour trends into your home to suit your personality. This is what interior designers will be doing in 2017 with the following amazing new colours.

On the centre stage, you will see sophisticated colours divided into three palettes:

  • Comfortable
  • Composed 
  • Confident

Are you comfortable?

The Comfortable palette consists of light blues, pinks, and yellows that will make your small space pop right out of its shell. This colour is superb for the introvert and a great way to make your first venture into the world of colour. Splash your interior with some Powdery Blue that is a summery shade making your home feel sophisticated when paired with your Hampshire Furniture dark furniture pieces with brass accents.

Are you confident?

If you are a social type, say it with the Confidence and create a stylish indoor, exterior with dusky blues, lime greens, and spicy reds capture the attention of all. Bring the ocean into your home as the Dusky Blue colour works well with high ceilings.

Are you composed?

For a contemporary but yet traditional look at the composed colours of earthy greens and beige-browns is sure to be a hit. With Mineral Gray, you can kick it up a notch and bring in some rich colours. While earthy green and taupe gives your home the calming vibe, you need when entering your home after a long day of work.  

These are all drawn from your personality, throughout the year.