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The Best Tips to Cover Walls

You want to create a completely new space, but you are tired of all the paint. Why not cover the walls with wallpaper, but before you head out and buy wall covering read some of these helpful tips to cover the walls the correct way.

Important things to remember

Always keep in mind that vertical stripes give an appearance of greater height. While smaller patterns work well in smaller areas and larger patterns are superb when used in large areas. Never use bold patterned paper as it will dominate the room, and will leave your furniture and accessories lost.  

Order the wall covering you need all at once

To be on the safe side always order your wall coverings that you need at the same time. Check the lot numbers to make sure that they match before unwrapping them. Unroll and inspect the entire length of each roll before you start cutting and return damaged rolls.

Remove the old wall covering

Never use newspaper to cover your pasting table, the ink will most likely soil the wall covering. Rather use a plastic tablecloth. If you do have, old coverings on the wall strip it off. If the old covering is vinyl, grasp the corner and peel it off. Wash the walls with warm water; scrape off any remaining glue with a putty knife.

If you do happen to struggle with peeling of the wallpaper, you can use a solution of equal parts of hot water and vinegar. Apply the solution with a sponge until completely wet but not dripping at least twice.