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Embrace the autumnal colours in your home this season

The temperatures have dropped, the colours are churning into some beautiful tints, and conkers are falling; autumn is definitely here! With this wonderful season comes a great opportunity to incorporate some of these earthly colours and seasonal delicacies into your home. 
Decorate your fireplace – The fireplace can get a little neglected at any other time of the year besides Christmas, so bring it to life over the autumn season. Use decorative natural materials to embellish the mantel. Autumn leaf wreaths add a lovely touch to picture frames, and pine cones at each end of the surface can add a warm feel. 
Embrace the autumn aromas – What smells come to mind when you think of autumn? We think of cooking apples, cinnamon, the autumnal air, and pumpkin soup! Bring some of your favourite smells to your home with candles or incense, and watch your home be transformed!
Fill your vases – Vases can be made into something magical in Autumn; collect fiery red and orange leaves, fallen brown conkers, pine cones and fill your vases to the brim. They make excellent centrepieces on your kitchen table, or pop one into your hallway for an autumnal welcome for your guests. For an added special touch, add a seasonal table cloth and you instantly have a beautiful showpiece! Another great idea is to fill jars too. 
Bring out the blankets – When the temperatures drop, nights can become cosier with the addition of some throws or blankets. Bring out some in autumnal shades, and place them over the couch or in wicker baskets to grab when you need them in your living room. 
Autumnal family time – Any time is great to spend with family, and why not plan some seasonal activities for the weekends? Go conker hunting, apple picking in orchards, and visit some local sports events wrapped up in thick scarves with cups of hot chocolate. Prepare for Halloween too on October 31st; gather together a few pumpkins and get carving for the big day.
Light it up – Invest in some autumn shaded candles, and place them in bowls surrounded by conkers and pine cones, lighting them when the sun is just going down. They are perfect for adding a little extra something to your home on the dark nights. 
Alter your accessories – To really get the feel of the season throughout your entire home, changing just a few little things in each space can really make a difference; alter bed spreads to be more seasonal, change the towels to reds and oranges in the bathroom, and add personal touches wherever you see fit. 
Why not spread some autumnal joy by bringing warmth and colour into your home this season!

Do you have any further ideas to spruce up your home?