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Enjoy Your Soup Without The Guilt Feeling

Do you have a favourite soup recipe handed down for generations from the famous Chicken Noodle Soup to the Vegetable Beef Soup? Have you thought about the high fat content and salt in it? Maybe you use some cream in your soups and every time you feel guilty. With some small changes here and there, you can enjoy your soup without the guilt feeling.

Reduce the Fat Content

  • For the soup recipe containing different meat from beef through to poultry make sure to buy the leanest meat and cut off the visible fat.

  • When you brown the meat, rather use a non-stick cooking spray or skillet and drain off that fat.

  • Prepare your broth or stock and leave it overnight in the fridge. This helps the fat content to harden on the top. Lift off the hard crust of fat to make a fat-free stock or broth.

  • If you prefer using canned broth, you will find that most of the fat is lying at the top. Spoon out the fat and discard it.

  • Substitute the milk you use with low-fat milk or for a creamier taste you can add two tbsp of non-fat milk powder to your low-fat milk.

  • Substitute the cream with evaporated skim milk

Reduce the Salt Content

  • Replace your stock or broth with some sodium-free broth or make your own that has less salt in it.

  • For making soup without salt leave, the stock or broth uncovered while simmering this helps the liquid to evaporate and intensifies the flavour.

  • If you are making a low salt, soup adds some lemon juice or even vinegar to the product to give it a saltier taste.

  • And most important when you do lessen the amount of salt, add more flavour by increasing the herbs and spices and add a touch of white pepper