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Featured Product - Rustic White Small Cabinet With Rattan Basket

26th October 2021

We know what it's like - little trinkets and bits and bobs laying around the home that you just don't seem to have room for. It could be anything from sewing material to hats, scarves and gloves over the winter. To add a little bit of organisation to your home for such items, this Rustic White Small Cabinet With Rattan Basket from our Rustic White Collection is perfect. Featuring two drawers and a rattan basket, your home will be as organised as can be with this gorgeous cabinet.

Ideal for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms or other living spaces, its size makes it perfect for not taking up too much room, but still allowing enough space to store everything away that you need to. Complementing all of the other pieces in our range, it will also blend effortlessly in with your current decor.

Top with a few of your favourite decor pieces such as photo frames or candles, and you'll not only have a workable storage area, but a stylish worktop too. Why not buy two and use them as bedside cabinets? They will look achingly chic in any bedroom.