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Get Your Home Ready for Summer Entertaining!

We've been waiting around for months for the summer, and it's finally here! Time to get the kitchen and garden ready for entertaining; they both need a little pre-summer maintenance to ensure they're ready for the ensue of guests and to also make sure it can survive through the hotter months. Get out your favourite summer outfit, put on some music and prepare to get the home ready for the good times.

Get Some Fairy Lights - Perfect for decking areas and verandas, fairy lights will add a little touch of sparkle to the evening as the sun goes down. If the weather isn't so great, they also look wonderful draped around kitchen units. Candles also bring warmth to table settings and look lovely as the night draws in.

Have an Entertaining Space - An entertaining space is a great place for everyone to gather around, and serve food too. Our French Farmhouse Oak Large Granite Kitchen Island is perfect; positioned in the centre of your kitchen, make this gorgeous kitchen island the hub of the party activities when you entertain; have snacks and light bights at the top, or a massive bowl of scrumptious punch. 

Get a BBQ - When the weather is lovely and sunny, a BBQ is your new best friend! If you don't barbeque too often, the disposable ones are perfect and can be easily cleaned away when used. Head down to the butchers and get everyone's favourite meat ready for grilling; perfect.

Maintain Your Cool - Many bodies in the house will mean the place is even hotter, so try to keep everything as cool as you can. Open windows at the front and back of the house to create an airflow, and invest in a few rotating fans to keep everything cool.

Check in on the fridge - The fridge is a centre point of any party, keeping everything cold and ready for eating/drinking. However it can easily become overworked, especially in the hotter months when it becomes very full. Ensure it is kept clean and that the drain hole (usually towards the back) is kept clear. If you start to see ice forming at the back, have someone look at it.

Get out the chairs - Unless you're planning a picnic on the grass (which is a rather lovely idea), the more guests coming over, the more chairs required. Either ask people to bring a few spare ones, or gather ones that are around the home from various rooms. Add a few cushions and blankets to jazz them up a little, and everyone will be sitting comfortably in no time.

Invest in Tupperware - Those gorgeous china plates you picked up at a vintage fair or got as wedding present look absolutely beautiful when a few people come over for cupcakes and afternoon tea, but what happens when a crowd descends? There'll be a few tears shed if anything is broken. With this in mind, hide away your best plates and crockery, and invest in some tupperware and unbreakable kitchenware. They can be reused all summer long, and you won't have to be checking in on them all night either.