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Got a thirst for a coffee table?

Let’s face it, coffee tables will never go out of style. From an expedient place to position our cups mid-conversation (on a coaster, of course), to a perfect centrepiece in our living rooms, coffee tables are ideal for placing magazines and books on or under.

Coffee tables represent an impression we like to give to our guests on our tastes and aspirations; everyone has placed a few pieces of curiosity on the wooden surface pre-guests arriving. Whether it is a photo album or a book on the African outback, a coffee table is a place that sparks creative tongues flowing, and to which many a conversation can be had.

With this in mind, think about your living room; does it have a coffee table, or have you spent the last few months just before your eyes reach the level of the television, tilting your head in curiosity at that perfect floor space mid-room? It’s empty and perfectly sized for a coffee table. That’s what the middle of living rooms are for. Wouldn’t you rather gaze lovingly at a beautiful wooden piece, rather than that stain you tried to hide from your coffee last week (which needless to say, may not have been spilt had you had a table) or the washing pile that needs ironing?

We sell some beautiful coffee tables; we’re not going to be shy about it. From three piece nest of table sets that can be dutifully divided around the room, to gorgeous centrepieces that are crying out to be loved, we can’t praise them any higher. If you’re after some extra storage for your living room too, some of our tables come with drawers.

If you’re looking to match your table with the colour of your furniture, our ranges go from wonderful painted white, grey, reclaimed to solid mahogany; you’re spoilt for choice.

We love them all, but to share a few of our favourites…

Sophisticated Walnut Coffee Table With Drawers - This absolutely gorgeous contemporary coffee table is carefully crafted from solid walnut and includes four drawers for extra storage space.

Louisiana Coffee Table - Hand painted white, in a deliciously Louisiana elegant style, your home will be alive with charm and sophistication as soon as this enters your home

Classic Oak Coffee Table With Drawers - This solid oak coffee table exudes warmth and adds a focal point to your living room. A coffee table will help break up visual space and provide ample storage for your magazines, table lamps and table books!

If a coffee table is what is missing from your living space, treat yourself today and add an extra design statement to your room. All of our coffee tables make great gifts too, order one for the perfect present for yourself!