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How to Choose the Right Paintbrush and Rollers for Your Paintjob

You have decided that it is time to give your home a new colourful canvas.

 However, before you head out to buy the paintbrushes and rollers make sure to follow some simple steps to make sure that you are buying the best ones for the job.


Always test a paintbrush before you buy it by slapping the bristles against your hand. If you find that, the brush fails to spring back into shape and the bristles fall out, it is best to choose a better one. For the best quality paintbrush, examine the bristles for split ends.

The flags enable the brush to retain more paint and spread the paint in a uniformed method. When you buy a good brush, the bristles flagged. Buy a natural bristle brush to use with oil-based paints and use a synthetic brush when painting with water-based paint.

When painting large areas get a flat 75 – 180mm brush and for wood and trimmings buy a 25 – 50mm brush.


You can buy rollers available in different lengths up to 230 mm. The larger the roller the larger area you can cover when painting. For trimmings, you can choose a smaller roller from 50 – 75mm. Always pick a roller that has the correct pile. The general rule is to choose a roller according to the paint job you want to do. If you are painting a smooth surface the swell of the rollers thinner as the proper roller will hold paint instead of letting it dribble everywhere.

Always remember that once you have finished using your paintbrush give it a thorough cleaning and remove the roller of the handle immediately.