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Introducing the Retro Oak Collection

Remember the 1950s the era of Retro with rock music and for some strange furniture. Here at Hamsphire Furniture, we are bringing back the Retro period right into your home with our new Retro Oak Collection.

This remarkable collection made up of several unique furniture pieces from nesting cubes, nest tables, lamp tables, small to large mirrors made from solid oak and has a natural oil finish to help enhance the grain. Feature these gorgeous pieces in a modern to traditional home to add a modern twist with a Retro vibe.

Some of the standout Retro pieces are as follows:

The Retro Oak Nest of 2 Cubes gives you functionality as they separate from each other to use as a bedside table or side table for additional storage. Alternatively, the Retro Oak Lamp Table makes a superb side table as well. Use it in the bedroom, bathroom, or living rooms as the countertop space can hold a lamp and favourite displays. Additionally, it has a large draw to keep important items handy.

On the other hand, do you have an awkward Living Room and cannot find the perfect TV unit to fit in anywhere. With the Retro Oak Corner Television Unit, you can easily place it into the corner to store your TV, Console, and DVD. With the two storage drawers, there is enough storage space for the TV guide, remotes, DVDs and CDs.

Give your flat or home the Retro feeling and become the talk of all your friends, making your home modern, stylish, and warm with the brilliant colour tone of each individual piece.