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Introducing the Retro Passion Collection

Bring some passion in the home with our new introductory pieces available in the Retro Passion Collection. Remember the 1960s with its hip and colourful twist of contemporary shaped furniture pieces. They are back and only available at Hampshire Furniture.

Each piece is unusual. From the coffee table, television cabinet, bookcase right through to the sideboard. Need an extraordinary desk or maybe a dressing table? Look at the Retro Passion Desk that is so versatile that it can serve as both. Make a statement in your bedroom or even your home office with this piece. The desk has a stunning countertop to place your workstation.

In addition, it has a useful and a complimentary white drawer to add important office essentials. Constructed with oven dried White Cedar & MDF, these stunning furniture pieces have matte colour fronts to fit in with any decor.  Add the Retro Passion Small or Large Sideboard to your office, as it does not only serve a purpose in the dining room.

This unique piece features vibrant, colourful sliding doors to bring an explosion of energy anywhere in the home or office. Furthermore, it has an open shelf with large countertop for additional storage for office equipment and stationery. If you have extra space, you can add the Retro Passion Vibrant Large Sideboard in its place.

With this sideboard, you have two cupboards and three drawers in various sizes to brighten up the office or the dining room. You can even use it as a TV cabinet. Moreover, to top it off add the Retro Vibrant Bookcase making for a groovy assortment of furniture pieces placed together in the home.