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Keep your Bathroom Clean the Easy Way

15th September 2022

When it comes to the bathroom, it's very easy for it to go from sparkling haven, to an uber mucky toothpaste-clad mess. It's the room used as everyone is rushing around on a morning, and with towels everywhere, products in the sink and half empty shampoo bottles everywhere, the bathroom sometimes feels a little less than the relaxing place you want it to be. So what can you do? Take a look at some of these tips below, and you'll be enjoying the peace and serenity of your clean bathroom in no time...
The Super Clean - Let’s face it, the bathroom has some of the nastiest cleaning tasks within it in the house, probably second to the kitchen; clogged drains, sticky mirrors and so on. Instead of cleaning it when it’s convenient, set out a set time each week on which it will have a quick and deep clean. It could be Saturday morning (after the coffee has been drank) or Sunday before the papers.

The Daily Clean - Once you settle in to a routine, the bathroom will become surprisingly more tidy and less of a chore. During the week, each day just give it a bit of a daily clean; a little daily TLC, goes a long way. Give it a five minute clean around, for a very swift but effective sparkle.

Keep Everything at Hand - When it comes to the daily mini clean to the super weekend one, have everything at hand so that you don't need to go hunting for them. Now with ECO cleaning fibres from ENJO, there is no need to have more the four items in the bathroom pack, which you could store a cupboard or handing on the back of the bathroom door, and they'll be easy to grab at when you need them.

De-clutter - Bathrooms do seem to collect clutter. Whether it's empty toilet rolls that haven't quite made it to the bin (admit it, this happens in many a bathroom!), newspapers, candles from a long bath, it can suddenly seem like it is becoming a storage room. Once a day when it is convenient, take a look in the room and square everything up; remove anything on the floor, throw anything away that needs up, and return it to ship shape.

Get Everyone Involved - Cleaning doesn't have to be a sole person role; get everyone involved if you're a big family.  As there are no dangerous chemicals or toxic bleach  with ENJO you don't have to worry that anyone's health is going suffer by helping with the cleaning. Get a different person to check in on it every day, and rotate the cycle over a week; you'll be surprised at the difference it makes!