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A perfect receipe for your Summer Garden Party

Fizzy Ice Cream Punch is a showy punch with a colourful floating fruit and icecream ideal for that summer garden party!

Tip: Scoop out the Ice-Cream onto a baking tray, on some grease proof paper or clingfilm and freeze, this way it will stay frozen in the punch for longer.

Preparation time:  10 min

1. In a large punch bowel pour in 1 litre of fruit punch, made from fruit punch squash or cordial mixed with water or pink lemonade - all chilled.

2. Add 1 litre of chilled pineapple or mango juice, which ever you prefer

3. Add 2 litres of Chilled Sprite or 7-up

4. Add 2 litres of chilled Soda water

5. Add some pineapple peices and rasberries for decoration if you have them.

6.  Finally add 6 scoops of Ice Cream and serve

Carefully mix the ingrediates as you add them. If it is too sweet, just add cold water and of course the Ice Cream will make it sweeter as it melts.

If you need a smaller quanty just halve the amounts!

Finally don't mix everything together until you are ready to serve it.  That way it does not go flat and the ice cream also stays frozen.

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