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Product of the Month - Elegant Mahogany Hidden Home Office

Whether you work from home or regularly do office work around the home, nothing is worse than sitting at a kitchen table. While it does provide a suitable space for the occasional working task, it isn't permanent; people come and go wanting to eat, table mats are added as dinner comes to the table, and your laptop and paperwork ends up being shifted to another room. Hardly ideal! What you need is a beautiful and sturdy desk where you can also hide away and keep your work private.

One of our current favourites is our Elegant Mahogany Hidden Home Office which looks like a cupboard, but completely functional as a desk. It has tons of room available for all your stuff; lots of work space, cupboards for paperwork and files, and a dropdrown keyboard drawer for all sorts of office trinkets. Made from dark antiqued solid wood with gorgeous brass handles, we totally understand if you suddenly feel the urge to work more; who wouldn't want to with this beauty!

What can you do to give it a special touch? Add your own touch to it by placing a photo frame or two on the surface, a few ornaments close to your heart and settling your favourite office chair in front of the desk ready for work.

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