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Product of the week: Modern Chunky Oak Home Entertainment Cabinet

In today’s modern world full of gadgets and gizmos, it is very easy to end up with a multitude of consoles lying around your living space. The solution? An entertainment cabinet, and our Modern Chunky Oak Home Entertainment Cabinet one is perfect. Ideal for placing below a TV, the shelves provide ample storage space for a Skybox, Freeview unit, DVD player, games consoles, and more. There’s also a drawer that can be used to store remote controls, games controllers, and other bits and pieces from your living space.

Modern Chunky Oak Home Entertainment Cabinet

Practical and stylish, the piece will blend in with your existing furniture while providing an ideal storage solution for your home. It would also make an ideal storage unit for a bedroom or entertainment room too, ideal if you also have a TV and gadgets here. If your TV is hung from the wall, the cabinet is ideal, or perfect too if your TV is a small unit for placing on the top surface.

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