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Product of the week - Sophisticated Walnut Filing Cabinet - Large

Not everyone has room for an office in their home, and lack of space means that any paperwork, bills and other documents can end up lying around the house, making it hard to be organised when you really want to be. What can you do? Our Sophisticated Walnut Filing Cabinet is a perfect solution. Despite looking like a chest of drawers from the outside, it is actually a filing cabinet inside, making it the ideal product to house all of your paperwork and still keep a tidy home. It blends in with other furniture in your home, and no one will ever know it is a secret office!

Designed to store standard A4 Foolscap files, there are three filing drawers giving you plenty of room to store everything you need to. Not need so much space? The cabinet is also available with two drawers.

The cabinet matches beautifully with the rest of the collection. Add your favourite lamp to the surface and a few ornaments or picture frames, and you have a wonderful new and personalised piece for your home.