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Start Your Decorating the Correct Way

Why not start the year with a fresh canvas by giving your home a makeover. There are many reasons as to why you would want to decorate your home. Perhaps your lifestyle has changed because of a promotion at work, your children have finally left the nest, or maybe you are tired of looking at your same surroundings every day.

No matter what your reasons are, you need to start your decorating the correct way by following some easy tips:

Take Stock

The first step is to take stock of what you have, what do you want to keep and what to do you want to give away to charity. Be ruthless as decorating is the time for eliminating. Do not keep an old sideboard purely out of sentiment. Space is valuable and you can find a smaller modern sideboard for all your needs right here with us at Hampshire Furniture.

Call a Family Meeting

Before you start to decorate or redecorate, call a family meeting and get everyone’s opinion. As a family, you need to agree on the colour, furnishing, and how much is spent. This is the best solution as no ones left behind or blamed for unforeseen mistakes.

Decorating Services is Free

There is no need of spending a fortune on decorating services it is free. Visit your large local department store they have interior decorators available that will come to your home and give advice free. They only expect you to buy your requirements from them.

Make sure to take a floor plan, a photograph of the room, magazine clippings of room ideas, swatches of furniture and fabric with you as this helps the consultant to get an idea of what your needs are.

Top Image: Zuclo Dining Table