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Furniture Life

Why Choose Solid Wood Furniture?

Wood has been the material of choice for furniture all over the world due to its many attractive properties.

Each tree is an individual, a piece of nature, which after being felled, keeps its own character in its strength, structure and sensitivity to light, temperature and moisture.

Knots are not faults, but part of the character as a natural consequence of branches growing.  It contributes to making each piece of real wood furniture unique.

Product of the week: Children's Oak Bed

If your little ones are ready for a new bed, our delightful Children's Oak Bed could be just what you're looking for.

Product of the Week: The Ashland Extending Large Dining Table

Hampshire Furniture’s product of the week, the Ashland Extending Large Dining Tables  is made for small to large families. The table has two-toned colours.

Introducing the Nine Schools Oriental Painted Furniture Collection

With inspiration from the teachings of Feng Shui, our new Nine Schools Oriental Painted Furniture Collection is decorated using Chinese design and patterns to help in inspire lives. 

Introducing the Retro Oak Collection

Remember the 1950s the era of Retro with rock music and for some strange furniture. Here at Hamsphire Furniture, we are bringing back the Retro period right into your home with our new Retro Oak Collection.

Create Some Mirror Magic in Your Home

Create some mirror magic in your home as mirrors help to widen and heighten space. They help to intensify lighting and give off a gleam to compliment the interior of your home. The other great thing when using mirrors it helps to mask all defects found on a wall.

Product of the Week: The Shabby Chic Stand

Add some sophistication to the family room with our Product of the Week the Mia Casa Shabby Chic TV stands out for all the right reasons.