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Kitchen Life

Save Time with This Basic Quick Meal Starter

Whether you work at an office or at home, there is not enough time in your day to get everything done. Why not make up some batches of this amazing recipe in your spare time. The recipe is great for those busy days and you can quickly prepare your other main course in no time with this basic recipe prepared before the time.

Easy Made Autumn Appetisers

The festive seasons approaching fast and everyone is enjoying the outdoors while they can. Why not liven up your festive tables with some of these great autumn appetiser recipes.

A Vegetable Dip

5 Snacks to Have at Your Office Desk

Are you battling with junk food temptations while sitting at your office desk? Why not replace that junk food with some healthy choices and they are waistline friendly as well. 

How to Detox Your Body


Smoothie Recipes For A Healthy You

smoothie recipe

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Recipe: Shortbread Jam Bars

Shortbread Jam Bars

There is currently a surplus of blackberry jam in my house, leftover from the berries we picked and canned at the end of September. It was a good year for foraging and in total we made over 30 jars of blackberry jam. Most have found new homes with family and friends, but there are still a few in my cupboard.

Our Favourite Bonfire Night Recipes

Bonfire Night Recipes

There’s a lot to love about autumn; the changing weather, pumpkin flavoured everything, Halloween, and of course, bonfire night! It makes the darker evenings all worthwhile!

With bonfire night just a couple days away, we wanted to share our favourite last-minute recipes. These treats can be cooked up and enjoyed at home or taken with you to your nearest fireworks display.  

Toad in the Hole

How to Keep Your Kitchen Organised and Clean

For most people the kitchen is the heart of any home; however, they can also be a source of frustration for many. The kitchen always seems to become cluttered and disorganized. We are here to help you with some effortless tips on how to keep your kitchen clean and organised at the same time.

3 Snacks To Have For Tea

Whether you are looking for a solo morning tea, or a large afternoon tea this collection of treats are full of sweet and savoury delight.

1.    Autumn Tarts: