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Small Business Life

Product of the Month - Elegant Mahogany Hidden Home Office

Whether you work from home or regularly do office work around the home, nothing is worse than sitting at a kitchen table. While it does provide a suitable space for the occasional working task, it isn't permanent; people come and go wanting to eat, table mats are added as dinner comes to the table, and your laptop and paperwork ends up being shifted to another room. Hardly ideal! What you need is a beautiful and sturdy desk where you can also hide away and keep your work private.

Creating a 'Home Office' that you will love

If you work from home, you need to create a working space that not only offers practicality and professionalism, but somewhere you want to work. If you’ve only recently moved from the office interior of a 9 to 5 job to your home, it is very easy to sit on the couch with the laptop on your knee. Or have paperwork all over the kitchen table. However, creating your own dedicated working space offers so many benefits.

Product of the Week: Sophisticated Walnut Twin Pedestal Computer Desk

An old time favourite desk at Hampshire Furniture is this week’s product of the week: the Sophisticated Walnut Twin Pedestal Computer Desk. This large desk has ample storage space for any home office.

Product of the week: Classic Oak Hidden Home Office

Are you limited with space at home and like the idea of having your own home office! We have the perfect item for you. Our Classic Oak Hidden Home Office is a perfect choice for restricted spaces. 

How to Organize Your Home Office

Each part of your home has its own purpose as you sleep in your bedroom and cook in the kitchen. However, if your home office is the heart of your home you need to keep it organized. 

You may not spend all day in your home office. But it will still needs organizing. A cluttered office makes things difficult to find, especially if you do need something in a hurry. No one wants to rummage through heaps of paper ending up buried beneath it.  With some simple steps, you can have your home office organised very quickly.

Product of the Week: Artisan Oak Corner Desk

For any home office, you need a furniture piece that stands out while providing functionality at the same time. This you can see in our handpicked Artisan Oak Corner Desk product of the week. 

For any office or home that has a small or awkward-shaped office, this stylish corner desk is a perfect solution. The unit works like a dream with the Artisan Oak Two Drawer Filing Cabinet (not included in the price.) It is an extremely practical solution when you have limited space.

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop Small

The internet has made it possible for millions to shop online and compare prices – selling the latest gadgets to literature. However, there are many reasons why you should shop small this year when buying from a small online business.

1.  By shopping at your local online small businesses, it helps to build Economy as the more money you spend in the community the greater impact it has on the community, instead of spending all your money on large national brands.