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The new look Hampshire Furniture Website

11th July 2018

If you had visited our website before early June 2018, and recently returned, you would notice the website has changed and a large number of our product ranges no longer listed.

Sadly this was because our website was compromised and for customer security, the decision was made to delete the entire website and all its content.  We had to start again on a new platform so we could be sure that this issue would never occur again. 8+ years work developing the website and the product ranges, gone - just like that.  We felt it was necessary to ensure that our past and future customers were protected.

We did have back ups but we discovered these too were compromised.  The people who did this dreadful thing worked in teams from multiple countries initially slowly, so by the time it would cause a issue all the back-ups would make it easy for them to do it again and again. We quickly got to the point that they could compromise the website faster than we could stop them.  It did not take us long to realise this and shut everything down so at least "they" could not cause any damage to anyone else.

At the time this happened, we had been developing a second website : HampshireFurnitureSolutions.co.uk. This was started 9 months earlier.  We had more than 2,000 different furniture pieces on our "main" and first Hampshire Furniture Website, and decided anymore furniture would make searching difficult.  So all was not lost.

Then just before all this, we also created a third website: HampshireFurnitureContemporary.co.uk to list our more contemporary furniture which required assembly.  

 2 years later we successfully rebuilt this more secure website and took the decision to close both sister sites as they were no longer required and have everything under a single banner again.  

I hope you will continue to support Hampshire Furniture, as we do need your support. Without our customers we would not be able to continue to be in business.

Currently, all our time is spent working on all three websites. If you are looking for a particular product, which is not on any of the three websites we are still only a phone call away.