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Video Inspiration; Making the most of smaller space

We were so inspired by the video we recently saw on social media, that we decided to put together a few tips of our own when it comes to this sizing issue. You might have some lovely spaces to play with, but there possibly is one room you just don’t know what to do with; it’s small and you’re lacking a bit of inspiration. Check out our great tips and no space in your house will be wasted!

Create hidden storage – Your room might be small, but you can easily maximise its potential by creating storage that is multifunctional. As an example, our fantastic Blanket Boxes can double up as a table. Throw a tablecloth over the top, arrange some chairs around and you have a seating area, with anything you need stored beneath; no one will ever know! From linens and towels to your children’s toys, the space is used to its maximum potential.

Use your walls – Bookcases are fantastic for utilising space when there doesn’t seem to be much. As the video shows, the couple built a bookcase and storage area right up to the ceiling, leaving them plenty of room for sitting and relaxing in the rest of the room. This is even more ideal if you have really tall ceilings; more room to store!

Use multi-purpose children’s furniture – If the small space you have is a child's bedroom, there are several things you can do to maximise the space. Using furniture that has several uses is ideal. Our Children's Toy Storage Box not only makes great storage for toys, but can double up as a desk; ideal for colouring in and school work (although possibly lay some mats on the top to protect the white surface!).

Use nesting tables – Nesting tables are ideal in smaller spaces, because they are several tables but stored in one convenient block. Our Nesting Tables are perfect for smaller spaces; rest them at the side of the room when not needed, and bring them out when you have guests over for a brew.

Additional entertaining area – If the room you have spare is downstairs, set up an area away from the kitchen and make it an extra place for guests to mix. The kitchen is the usual stamping ground, so it could be nice to have somewhere different. You could turn it into the room where all of the alcohol is stored, or make your own bar. It’ll mean less congestion on your kitchen. Bonus!

To take a look at more great home-related videos, check out the newly created  Hampshire Furniture Youtube channel.