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Why Choose Solid Wood Furniture?

Wood has been the material of choice for furniture all over the world due to its many attractive properties.

Each tree is an individual, a piece of nature, which after being felled, keeps its own character in its strength, structure and sensitivity to light, temperature and moisture.

Knots are not faults, but part of the character as a natural consequence of branches growing.  It contributes to making each piece of real wood furniture unique.

As a natural product, wood is susceptible to movement including expansion and contraction. This is generally caused by the climate and surroundings which the furniture is placed in. As a result, small splits may appear. Splits are not a manufacturing fault and are mostly caused by atmospheric conditions.  This could be a warm house, or due to humidity. If a split appears it can be easily filled using products, or coloured wood fillers which are widely available.  

To help you try to avoid cracks and splits,  you should:
- Never place furniture directly against a heater or radiator
- Direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible
- Keep in locations where there are extremes of temperature.

If you can follow these basic rules you are sure to get the most from your beautiful solid wood furniture.