Chairs for dining, or chairs to snuggle in. The perfect chair provides support for your body and can look good too.   

Artisan Country Wood Stool Set of 3 £130.00

Artisan French Style Stool Set Of 3 Stools £140.00

Artisan Multi Tweed Bar Stool £120.00

Artisan Oval Tweed Foot Stool £135.00

Beachcomber Dining Chairs £199.00

Beachcomber Dining Room Furniture Bundle £1,299.00

Greyland Dining Room Bundle £1,774.00

Greyland Pair of Dining Chairs £269.00

Industrial Chic Dining Room Bundle £1,299.00

Industrial Chic Pair of Dining Chairs £189.00

Pair of Oak Accent Modena Dining Chairs £175.00

Pair of Oak Accent Slate Dining Chairs £249.00