Dining Room

Dine in style with our delightful dining room furniture.  You'll enjoy every moment spent dining with our gorgeous pieces.

Balmoral Console Table or Sideboard £379.00

Balmoral Dining Table £539.00

Balmoral Large Dining Table £589.00

Balmoral Low Bookcase or Sideboard £489.00

Beachcomber Dining Chairs £199.00

Beachcomber Dining Room Furniture Bundle £1,299.00

Beachcomber Large Dining Table £389.00

Beachcomber Large Sideboard £559.00

Beachcomber Sideboard £489.00

Beachcomber Small Dining Table £329.00

Cecil Carved Large Wall Mirror 89 x 175 cm £235.00

Classic Oak Large Sideboard £599.00