Dining Tables

A well put-together dining room should feature a statement table, and these deliver just that! Small, large or extending, solid oak, painted white or solid walnut, or even fashionable industrial chic, dining will become just that little bit lovelier with these in your home.

Beachcomber Large Dining Table £489.00

Beachcomber Small Dining Table £389.00

Beech White PU Matt Square Small Dining Table £199.00

Beech White Rectangle Dining Table £219.00

Beech White Round Dining Table £179.00

Classic 48" Oval Table £1,195.00

Classic Extra Large Flipover Table £2,175.00

Classic Large Flipover Table £1,999.00

Classic Medium Flipover Table £1,899.00

Classic Mini Gateleg Table £670.00

Classic Pembroke Dining table £1,599.00

Classic Round Dining Table £1,299.00