Eco Solutions

Working towards a Greener World

                   We at Hampshire Furniture try to provide products which are produced in a sustainable and ethical way.  

It has always been part of our mission. 

Now we want to make the world aware of their Ecological Impact by providing ideas and help to discover alternatives.

There are no perfect solutions, but we believe that with being given the right choices, we can be kinder and better for the environment than others.

If you want to know more, please come back on check out our ECO blogs.  We also have a Group on Facebook just for you.  Please click here and you can apply to join our group.  

A Trio of ENJO - Bathroom Kitchen and Living Zone Set £309.00

Adult Multi-pleat Face Mask 40 Washes £8.99

All Fabric Bleach SA8™ £6.45

Amoorra Shower Spa £3.00

On Sale

Amoorra Shower Spa + Hand & Feet Combo £25.00 £29.99

Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Kit £10.95

Aromatherapy Diffuser Chain Bracelet - Cat & Flowers 20mm £19.50

Aromatherapy Diffuser Crystal Bangle 20mm £21.00

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace - 25mm £14.95

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace - Tree of Life 30mm £16.99

Aromatherapy Oil Blends for Car Diffusers £4.50

Automatic Dishwasher Tablets DISH DROPS™ £17.85