Honey Bee Happy


Our passion for bees started at an early age. We have both come from families where our Grandads were Beekeepers.  As children, they shared their passion and knowledge and taught us about the wisdom of the bees. A phrase my Grandad would often be heard saying is that “The Bees know Best!”.

We have taken our passion from Ethical Beekeepers into the Bee Farmers Realm by continuing to follow our ancestors down the ethical route of beekeeping.  We believe in doing it the traditional way, which is more commonly referred to as ‘The Artisan Way’.

Over the last few years, our family business has expanded its bee population by acquiring more hives. We are so grateful to the wonderful people in our community who have supported our business throughout Hampshire & Surrey and continue to do so. By sharing our values, their support enables us to continue to increase the population of our Honey Bees which in turn helps us to reduce the decline of these amazing little insects.

We produce unprocessed, natural, raw honey that comes straight from the hive. We only remove the surplus honey that the bees don’t need, as a strong full colony makes far too much to eat themselves. With our honey we can trace every jar back to a specific Hive, WE EVEN NAME OUR HIVES, but that is a story for a different day!

At HONEY BEE HAPPY we can trace our honey very easily because of our ‘Host a Hive Scheme’. Due to our hives not being in one mass area, we are able to distribute our honey to lots of areas. We scatter our hives throughout villages and towns which contributes towards the wonderful assortment of different tasting honey due to the variety of food available to the bees. We pride ourselves on our ethics and therefore don’t produce honey in large quantities. This method does take up a lot more of our beekeepers’ time, but we believe it’s worth it! We are proud of our heritage and stick to our mission, beliefs and what our Grandads taught us, to produce honey the Traditional ‘Artisan’ Way.

For every jar of Honey Bee Happy Honey sold, a percentage of our profit is donated to Hart Wildlife Rescue, Bee conservation & local communities.  We are also very excited to announce that we will be taking on our 1st trainee employee from the local community next year!

Thank you for all your continued support in helping us to do what we do “FOR THE LOVE OF BEES!”.

Honey £5.95