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Hampshire Furniture’s Good Wood Guide


Our furniture is constructed using the finest high-grade timbers. These woods have been chosen for their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal. But which should you choose for your home? We’ve put together this basic guide to help you decide.

Ash Hardwood

Ash is favoured as a construction material because it is durable, versatile, pliable and highly abundant. There are between 45 and 65 species of ash around the world and the trees are medium to large in size. In fact, ash is of a very similar quality to oak, but is cheaper thanks to its greater abundance.

Ash is a very attractive timber and is especially useful for decorative furniture. The flexibility of ash allows it to be easily carved, so furniture can be adorned with beautiful design features and sculpted accents.

Ash is a hardwood and as such it is very strong and reliable. The sturdiness of our ash furniture ensures that it will last for many decades. Ash is scratch resistant too, which means it will endure general wear and tear without any visible signs. Ash is suitable for any type of furniture, but is particularly beneficial in pieces that get a great deal of use, such as dining tables and chairs.



Mahogany is a highly-sought after timber. The tropical trees grow to an incredible size in their natural rainforest environment, but to protect the species most mahogany is now sourced from managed plantations.

Mahogany is a popular choice for furniture construction because it is attractive and very strong. The reddish-brown timber produces beautiful pieces of solid furniture.

Mahogany has a very dense, straight grain that is often free-from blemishes such as voids and knots. The density of its grain provides an effective defence against termites, wood-worm and rot. Like ash, mahogany is very durable and furniture constructed from this material will last for many, many years. Mahogany can also be carved and sculpted to create decorative pieces of furniture.




Oak has been used for hundreds of years to construct furniture and interior features. The beautiful character of the grain and the strength and reliability of the timber has ensured oak’s place as the material of choice for many.

Oak is more expensive than modern materials such as pine and particleboard, but the price reflects the quality. You can trust solid oak furniture to last a lifetime (or longer!) and always retain its aesthetic appeal.

Oak is durable, strong and resistant to insect infestations and rot, much like mahogany. Oak furniture is also much less likely to warp and crack over time than cheaper materials such as pine.

The versatility of oak ensures that you can find this quality material in almost any style and type of furniture. It is perfect for carving and manipulating into intricate designs and shapes. While the natural light colour of oak is perfect for staining and painting to accommodate any taste.




Walnut has been used in furniture building since the 17th century. It is a strong and durable wood that is resilient against rot and insect infestation. This hardy and reliable timber is favoured because it produces sturdy, solid furniture. Walnut is not greatly affected by humidity or seasonal changes and so it is less likely to warp and shrink over time. Walnut is a dependable timber and furniture constructed from this wood will last many decades.

Walnut is beautiful and very distinctive. Its colours can vary from almost-white to very dark brown or black. The grain is straight and tight, although it does become wavy towards the roots. The natural beauty and strength of walnut makes it a popular choice for both functional and ornate furniture.


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