Soft Furnishings

New to Hampshire furniture online, but it has been available in our Medstead showroom for a long time.  

Soft Furnishings give the extra touches and comfort to your home.

Crocheted Round 4 Inch with Fruit Design £8.50

Crocheted Square 4 Inch with Heart £8.50

Eco Cotton Bag - All Over Design £5.99

Eco Cotton Bag - Shop Shop Drop £4.99

Eco Cotton Bag - Up Cycle £4.99

Eco Cotton Bags - Just Be Nice £9.49

Eco Jute Bags - Two Turtles £8.99

Eco Jute Bags - Two Whales £8.99

On Sale

Faux Fur Cushions and Throw Set £39.99 £84.99

Jute Duffle Bags - Scotty Dog £12.50

Large Animal Doorstop £24.99

Lavender Parcels £15.00