Sophisticated Walnut Furniture

A superbly scrumptious range of solid walnut furniture. Supremely sleek and elegant sophisticated designs. 

Everything in the range has been constructed using solid walnut, a high-quality timber perfect for producing robust and stylish furniture and sourced from managed plantations.

Absolutely stunning.

Pair of Grey Accent Narrow Back Upholstered Walnut Dining Chairs £275.00

Pair of Grey Walnut Chairs £205.00

Pair of Light Grey Walnut Chairs £210.00

Pair of Walnut Accent Upholstered Dining Chairs in Slates £265.00

Pair of Walnut Flare Back Upholstered Dining Chairs in Biscuit £175.00

Pair Stud Detail Linen Effect Steel Grey Dining Chair £189.00

Sophisticated Walnut Console Table £339.00

Sophisticated Walnut Entertainment Storage Unit £265.00

Sophisticated Walnut Hidden Home Office £535.00

Sophisticated Walnut Large Bookcase With Drawers £475.00

Sophisticated Walnut Large Filing Cabinet £435.00

Sophisticated Walnut Low Bookcase £269.00