The Artisan Furniture

This furniture collection is completely handmade, so every item is individual. The metal may have dents, small patches of rust may have been trapped in the sealing, with variations in sizes, finish, fabric, texture, colour, knots, grain pattern, timber movements or even specifications.  A handcrafted product by a professional craftsman will be part of the rustic nature of the furniture in this collection

Artisan 3 Drawer Slim Drum Chest £165.00

Artisan 3 Seat Multi Tweed Chesterfield Sofa £1,459.00

Artisan 4 Drawer Coffee Table with Shelf £275.00

Artisan 4 Drawer Narrow Console Table £339.00

Artisan 9 Wine Bottle Cabinet with 3 Drawers £329.00

Artisan Bedside Table with 3 White Hand Painted Cut-Out Drawers £159.00

Artisan Carved Coffee Table £425.00

Artisan Carved Kitchen Cabinet £339.00

Artisan Country Wood Stool Set of 3 £130.00

Artisan Extendable Butterfly Dining Table with Straight Legs £399.00

Artisan French Style 2 Drawer Bedside Table £215.00

Artisan French Style Stool Set Of 3 Stools £140.00