Trudi-Ann Chocolates

Delicious Hand Crafted Chocolates -

Trudi’s work showcases the science of chocolate-making by emphasising the quality of ingredients and by avoiding preservatives and flavourings. Her finished products all make use of fresh fruit, locally sourced honey and suitable alcohol to provide a direct and distinct flavour that is hard to find on the high street.

Craft from the heart and a passion for the intricate science of chocolate-making led Trudi to progress from the familiar nine to five and into her own business as a respected chocolatier.

Chocolate Covered Honeycomb £3.80

Dark Chocolate Cherry Truffles £4.99

Dark Chocolate Ginger Wine Truffles £4.99

Dark Chocolate Orange Truffles £4.99

Milk Chocolate Bar - Caramel Fudge £2.50

Milk Chocolate Bars - Brownie Fudge £2.50

Milk Chocolate Bars - Ginger £4.50

Milk Chocolate Bars - Honeycomb £4.50

Milk Chocolate Caramel Gin Truffles £4.99

Milk Chocolate Pink Gin Truffles £4.99

Milk Chocolate Polyflora Honey Truffles £4.99

White Chocolate Bars - Raspberry £2.50