Painted Furniture Collection

A complimentary wood furniture, painted in solid Black (coming soon) Grey and White for everyone who loves painted Black (coming soon), Grey or White d├ęcor.

Each piece of furniture is handmade so there will be minor variations and imperfections making each one unique.

Louisiana Bedside Cabinet £295.00

Louisiana Lamp Table £239.00

Louisiana Large Sideboard £915.00

Louisiana Large Sideboard and Hutch £2,190.00

Louisiana Large TV Stand £650.00

Louisiana Medium Sideboard £665.00

Louisiana Medium Sideboard and Hutch £1,450.00

Louisiana Small Sideboard £585.00

Louisiana Small Sideboard and Hutch £1,175.00

Skagen 2 Drawer Console Table £359.00

Skagen 2 Drawer Console Table in Grey £425.00

Skagen 3 Drawer Console Table £521.00